Dry skin care for winter

Dry skin care for winter

★ your skin
Oily, does not mean that the winter
Even the skin is oily.
Oily skin can be rough and dry,
If not taken care of the right way.
And this in the face of acne or black
Nausea may occur. So winter
For oily skin requires extra
Care. So oily skin this winter
How to take care about
Is advised.

★ phesaoyasa:
Phesaoyasa that with your skin
Fitting, the same use.
At least twice per day with phesaoyasa
Try to wash your face. However, branarodhi
Do not use phesaoyasa at the time.
Your skin is more dry
May be.

★ scrubbing:
During the winter of dead skin cells
Should be removed. Therefore, at least a week
One day, scrubbing the skin. The
Away rough skin feeling soft skin
And smooth.

★ Toner:
Natural pH balance of the skin
Toner is used on a regular basis to keep
Please. This is your skin all the time
Keep fresh and lively. The winter
Oily skin cells in their mouths
happens. As a result, the accumulation of dirt.
The toner on your skin
Keep normal cells mouth
Will help.

★ moisturizers:
Even if you have oily skin in the winter
Time to use moisturizers
Emergency. This material MOISTURE
Will help to retain. Then
Or a water-based gel
Use moisturizers.

★ Face Oil:
Essential oil for the skin
Which have not oily skin
Is soft and smooth. The skin
The emission of natural oil
The. So every day after bathing in the face
Use Face Oil.

★ Eye Cream:
During the winter rough around the eyes
happens. So in this part of the skin
Every day to maintain moisture
Before going to bed and wake up
Use eye cream around the eyes

★ sunscreen:
During the winter you must
You need to use a sunscreen. Then
SPF 30 sunscreens featuring moisturizing ingredients levels
Or is it above. It is long
When the sun's harmful to your skin
Will protect from the effects.

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