Most Addictive Foods: Which Ones Get You

Most Addictive Foods: Which Ones Get You?

You love these things but your body hates them. You’re actually addicted to these foods and they are becoming quite difficult to walk away from.

A new study released by University of Michigan reveals that highly processed food like chocolate, french fries and pizza are the most addictive foods.
No surprise these are the MOST ADDICTIVE! They are loaded with sugars and additives that can be very addictive. The chemicals and sugars in these food just make you crave more. That’s why most of the manufactures in the food industry add sugars to all food items.

Are these on your list of foods that you can’t say no to?

most addictive food pizza
Do you feel like you’re addicted to pizza? You’re not alone. Pizza is now officially the most addictive food in the world. It’s definitely addictive. Life without pizza seems meaningless.

Apparently chocolate was proven to be the most addictive food.
Ice Cream

addicted to ice cream
Does the strawberry ice cream in the freezer keep calling your name and you can’t resist? For some reason, Ice cream isn’t in the top. I’m addicted to ICE CREAM!!! I eat a bowl a day
French Fries




unhealthy cookies

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