Arcozon and its Benefits

The world is filled with bacteria. Farms breed them, cars move them, and cities spread them. In this environment, it is important to have an immune system up to the task of dealing with all the disease in the world. Arcozon, a product of the Amazon Herb Company, is formulated to help provide you with that stronger immune system.

Arcozon contains five potent herbs from the rainforest that promote well-being. These include Una de Gato from the Peruvian rainforest, Suma and pau d’arco from Brazil, Jatoba and muira puama. Una de Gato is a powerful anti-inflammatory herb that can cleanse the entire intestinal tract. Pau de’arco increases red blood cell production and helps with respiratory conditions. Red blood cells are essential, as they are what moves the oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body. Suma is similar to ginseng, and can help with everything from arthritis to impotency. It is also good for menopause. Jatoba can help clear the urinary tract and is good for cystitis and prostate infections. Muira puama is considered by the locals to be a tonic for the nervous system, and it is used to treat nervous exaustion and depression. It is also used as an aphrodesiac and to treat impotence. Arcozon combines these into a powerful liquid that will provide your entire system with defense and help keep you from getting worn down by infection. It will help fill you with the energy you lose from being sick.

Amazon Herb Company is run by ‘Amazon John’ Easterling, an environmental scientist that learned many natural medicine techniques while traveling through the Amazon rainforest. He is an activist in the region and is am major proponent of rainforest empowerment. The Amazon Herb Company has been called “the strongest testament that keeping the Rainforest alive and productive is more economically profitable than cutting it down” by Celine Cousteau.

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